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The NEW AMR Solomat Semi Automatic Cross Cut Saw

Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 11:49am

The NEW AMR Solomat from Fuelwood is the perfect machine for Tree Surgeons and small scale firewood producers. It has been designed with the safety of the solo operator in mind. Cross cut saws are essential tools for low to medium volume firewood production but circular saw blades need treating with a great deal of care. For this reason the Solomat has a patented feed and log grip system which minimises the handling of timber and makes the operation simple, safe and very fast. Unlike some cross cut saws, this system allows the operator to stand to the side of the blade and keep their hands well away from the sharp end! 

The operator simply loads timber into the inclined chute and using a lever, mechanically rocks it back and forth.  The feeding and gripping of the timber is done automatically. The Solomat’s 700mm TCT circular saw is fast and quiet.  Sawdust is directed out of the rear of the machine and can be easily collected for resale or disposal. 

The Solomat will cut round wood from 5cm to 24cm (2" to 10") diameter and split billets into regular log lengths from 20-50cm (8" to 20") long. The ability of the Solomat to accommodate a wide variety of timber in addition to split billets, makes it an ideal machine for handling random off cuts. Available with or without a conveyor, a conveyor can be supplied in two lengths; either fixed 2m or a 5m telescopic.  Solomat is available as either tractor PTO or combination PTO and Electric powered. 

The Solomat is the perfect machine for Tree Surgeons and small scale firewood producers. When used in conjunction with the AMR 28 tonne Log Splitter, oversized timber is also quickly converted into saleable firewood.

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Please contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

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