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HM14-860KTL & Fendt 942 Combo
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Japa- 700 - Circular Saw Processor

Japa 700 Firewood Processor
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The JAPA 700 machine is a reliable firewood processor equipped with a TCT circular saw blade 700 mm in diameter. Irrespective of minor impurities, the TCT blade stays sharp for a long time. The splitting operation is launched by pulling the saw table to its rear position. This ensures reliable execution of the splitting movement. It is easy for the operator to adjust the splitting knife in accordance with the log size. Raising or lowering the knife requires just a light step on the pedal.
As standard the machine is equipped with a knife that splits in 2/4 ways. Knives that split in 5 or even 6 ways are available as an option.
The discharge conveyor is hydraulically driven and can be slewed mechanically into three different positions. This feature means the operation is reliable and proceeds smoothly; up to three bags can be filled without having to move the machine. The JAPA 700 model is available powered either by tractor or as a tractor/electrically-powered machine.
Technical Specifications:


700 TR 5.6T 700 TRE 5.6T

Volume of hydraulic oil (l) 20 20
Flow of hydraulic pump (l.p.m.) 36 36
Saw Cutting

Hard-metal blade (TCT) diameter of the blade 700 mm Standard Standard
Max. diameter of log (cm) 26 26
Max. length of firewood (cm) 58 58
Adjustable wood length limiter Standard Standard
Log Splitting

Splitting force, 5.6 T Standard Standard
Cylinder diameter (mm) 60 60
High-speed valve Standard Standard
Splitting knife, 2/4 Standard Standard
Splitting knife, 5 ways Option Option
Splitting knife, 6 ways Option Option
Adjustment of the splitting knife Standard Standard
Output Conveyor 

Length 3.8 m Standard Standard
Width of the conveyor belt (mm) 200 200
Powered by hydr Standard Standard
Mechanical swing of the conveyor Standard Standard

Height in transport position (mm) 2700 2700
Width in transport position (mm) 2400 2400
Length (mm) 1200 1200
Weight (kg) 630 685 630 685
Power source

Tractor PTO 400 r/min 400 r/min
Electric motor, 7.5 kW 415V n.a. Standard
Rights for technical modifications reserved. Warranty 1 year.
Key Features:

Fast - Circular Sawblade cutting

Fast - Powerful Splitting

Safe - Interlocking safety guards

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