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S/H Japa 700TR
S/H Japa 700TR
Firewood Processor
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Moheda - Forestry Trailers and Cranes

Built for tough challenges in the forest 

Moheda’s Swedish-made forest trailers are built for hard work in the forest. The Nordic seasons make special demands on function and ergonomics. Moheda’s designers have put a lot of effort into making their products safe and durable. Moheda is for professionals. The trailers can stand up to tough challenges and heavy loads and the powerful long-reach cranes make forest work efficient and profitable. Our hydraulically driven trailers are considered by foresters to be among the absolute best and they have a high second-hand value. A good sign if ever there was one.

The latest generation of cranes and trailers from Moheda have improved ergonomics and more advanced technology. They are developed and built in Sweden to cope with the demanding Nordic weather conditions. The village forge was set up back in 1835 just outside Moheda. This forge became the foundation of the company, which has built trailers for over 60 years. Horse-drawn trailers have been built since the 40’s. The first Moheda trailer with a square central beam was built in the 50’s.Then, as now, there were high demands on quality and functionality. Improved efficiency in the forest, without compromising safety, provides time savings and economic benefits.

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