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Devon Open Days 2021
Devon Open Days 2021
10-11 Sep 2021
Woodwater Farm - Chudleigh - Devon - TQ13 0BU.
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Heizohack HM6-300 Hand Fed Chipper

Avesta-Vagnen- Mini Forwarder MS34 & MS42

Avesta MS34 & MS42 Timber Trailer and Cranes
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Avesta 3.4 H

Avesta hydraulic cranes are well proven and series production in Sweden since 2003. There are plenty of reference samples throughout the country. Model 3.4H is an extended version of our previous bestseller 3.2H sold in hundreds of copies. The length makes it easier to handle varying lengths during thinning. For increased mobility should rig is also equipped with a hydraulic auxiliary drive system. Avesta 3.4H have very good motion geometry and can work right up to the head board. This means that it can handle full-sized logs despite the crane's small size. When using clamshell crane and platform reach across the platform surface. The crane will be at their best in thinning and pulpwood driving but can also load and unload full-sized 5 m logs.


Avesta 4.2 H

Avesta 4.2 H with 80 cm telescopic extension.  Extension weighs only 16 kg, the deterioration of the lift capacity is negligible. At full extension becomes stability is excellent and the scope of a wagon and crane in this size class is HUGE! The benifit of the extra reach means you do not need to get so close or need to move or use the winch as often. The increased range is also worth gold when working with clamshell or lifting timber on rough terrain.


Trailer Options

Radio Control Winch

The winch is a priceless tool allowing extraction of timber in the most difficult situations, using chockers or the timber tongs, timber can be quickly winched close to the trailer and using the hand held radio control walking to reduced.



Steering Draw Bar

With articulated steering increases maneuverability even more. Lightweight and flexible design allows hitch pressure increases only with some kilos.

The three most important benefits of articulated steering is as follows: 

  1. Very good control in narrow passages, especially when reversing. 
  2. Greatly improved lifting power with the empty trailer. With the ATV as a counterweight reduces the risk of carriage overturning. 
  3. The crane's reach increases by 65 cm since the trailer swings out during loading.


Hydraulic 4WD

Driving rollers and motors

We have two different types of drive wheels in stock Rolls MS 3.4H/42H is like a rack and fits with wheels 10152

Drive wheels MS 38/48 fits to all wheels and can also pursue other functions.


2 Lever Joystick Control

Replaces multi lever control, for faster control of Slew,Lift and Boom,grapple Rotate on 2 joysticks


Flat Bed Tipping Body

The quick fit flat bed body tunes the Timer trailer into a versatile trailer for many tasks. The bed has removable sides and also hydraulic tipping.




Technical Specifications:

Avesta 3.4 H

Reach: 3.4 m. 

Weight: excl. Grapple, rotator, valve package and the hydraulic unit 110 kg. 

Lifting force: 350 kg at 1.7 m, 175 kg at 3 m. 

Working pressure: 160 bar. 


Avesta 4.2 H

Reach: 4.2 m. 

Weight excl. Grapple, rotator, valve package and the hydraulic unit: 126 kg. 

Lifting force: 340 kg at 1.7 m, 170 kg at 3 m. 

Working pressure: 160 bar.

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