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S/H HM8-400
S/H HM8-400
HM8-400 on single axle
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Avesta-Vagnen- Mini Forwarder MS38 & MS48

Mini Forwarding Trailer for Professionals
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NEW! Avesta MS38 and MS48

Market leading Avesta Vagnens MS3.4 has, since its inception been the standard for mini forwarders in design and looks. Recognized as the best trailer on the market it’s been copied by many. The MS38 & MS48 are something completely new, a trailer without compromise. Increased versatility, strength and speed, ground clearance and not to forget the variable under carriage!


  1. Hydraulic power pack Upgrading to the 13hp easy-start  Honda not only adds an extra 10kg to the front of the ATV (which increases stability during crane operation) it reduces noise because it only needs ½  revs for the crane operation but giving you extra power for drive when the going gets tough.
  2. Crane Built with high strength Swedish steel then Zinc electroplated plated and then powder coated so it will remain rust free and looking good for many year to come, joint geometry and cylinder placement gives the crane precise and smooth drivability.
  3. Winch Integrating the winch into the crane arm give you more versatility and better positioning, perfect for pulling logs from 25m out into the trailer saving you from repositioning.
  4. Materials All the materials used are high quality and fully tested to perform the way they are intended.
  5. Extra load arms Extra load arms can be easily fitted perfect for shorter or curved logs and brush.
  6. Rear Clearance angle 33° rear load position reduces the risk of a full load hitting the ground when navigating steep terrain.
  7. Smooth and safe loading The shape and design limit the chance of accidental load slip damaging anything.
  8. Larger wheels The Bearing capacity is increased as well as being easier to go over bumps
  9. Drive Super strong drive with two speeds means you can get out of the sticky situations
  10. Hydraulic movable under carriage For perfect weight distribution and balance regardless if you have 3m or 4.5m wood. Driving with the boggie in forward position increases manoverability, operating the crane with the boggie in the rear position increases stability
  11. Crane connection The Design and the materials used create a light weight and strong coupling between the crane and the chassis.
  12. Articulated frame steering Electronic-hydraulic articulated steering can be controlled without the main power pack running. Extending lateral movement, the hydraulic unit is protected inside the chassis and the cylinders are mounted high to avoid damage protruding vegetation.
  13. Ground clearance 45cm ground clearance under the front hitch and stabilizer legs.
  14. Adjustable tow high you have 3 options in 4cm increments giving a range of choices.
  15. Boxed chassis Gives you strength and flexibility, and protects the hydraulic components and hose.

MS48 Hydraulic Drive system

Thanks to the MS48 Hydraulic dive systems where the pressure is from the wheel to the drive rather than the other way around you get 750kg of driving force , with high and low gear options  allowing you to vary drive speed from 2 to 6kph  giving you drive when there is poor traction like snow or boggy wet ground

High and low range

Electronic switching from normal (high) to low speed gives you twice the power for those tuff spots where extra drive force is needed


The trailer comes standard with antiroll brake system restricting the oil flow on downhill sections, as well as hand control allowing you to reverse drive in both forward and reverse directions to slow the trailer is needed

Easy Operation

The trailers have been designed with several options to perform similar tasks so you can choose the method that best soots you and your situation Auto Drive: hold the brake in click into auto drive then control drive by operating the brake lever Hand controls: the buttons for frame steering and forward and reverse are right there on the bars so you don’t have to remove your hand when driving it’s just a push of the thumb


Technical Specifications:

Technical data trailer:-

Height: 370 cm

Width: 138 cm

Wheels: 675 mm high 8-ply 300 / 65-12 wheels

Maximum load: 2000 kg,


Suitable wood length 250-450 cm

Min. log length 100 cm

Maximum log length 550 cm

Other carriage: Chassis with double frame, articulated steering, hydraulic outriggers, swivel bunks, swivel pull, 4 towing heights, removable bogie 60 cm, super easy climbing bogie. All hoses, etc. is fully integrated and protected in the design.


Technical data Crane:-

Reach: 4.8 m

Lifting force: 410 kg at 1.7 m 245kg at 3 m

Working pressure 160 bar.

Other Crane:Pivot housing with hardened gears in oil bath. All moving parts are mounted and lubricated. Completely clean the underside minimizes the risk of damaging the hose or cylinders during loading. All hoses are integrated and protected in the jib. Fully galvanized and powder coated - never rust !.

Key Features:

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