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Midlands Machinery Show - Newark Showground
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S/H Farmi CH260 Chipper
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Automatic Log Bagging has arrived

Monday August 29, 2016 at 4:44pm

Fuelwood are pleased to announce the Vepak Automatic Log bagging system.


Fuelwood have been working with Vepak over the last year discussing the requirements for the UK market.

The technical hurdle was to ensure the system worked with the short logs, these are much more challenging to align and efficiently package. Firewood of 20cm (8"), 25cm (10") or 33cm (12") can now be automatically packaged.

With more and more firewood producers using kilns to dry their firewood the need to efficiently package has become more important.

The 2m3 hopper is loaded with loose logs, and the system has patented processes which sort, clean and align the logs before stacking each log into the bagging chamber. The net or bag is slipped over the chamber and the operator simply release the stacked logs in to the net. Whilst the operator is securing and putting the net onto a pallet the system is stacking the next net.

So how fast is it and how do the numbers stack up!

Well the machine is capable of stacking 1 log per second, if you use a UK spec net of between 9-12 logs per net/bag (we will use worst case of 12) that’s 5 nets/bags per min! but we need to factor in efficiency of operator so using an efficiency factor of 60% that’s 3 nets/bags per min , over 6 hour day that’s approx 1100 nets per day. But don't forget if your nets have fewer logs than 12 pcs and you should easy get and efficiency of more than 60% the numbers literally STACK up!

How good is the Vepak?

We have been very impressed with how the Guys at Vepak work, in Spring 2015 their technical man visited us to find out our requirements and told us about the plans of Vepak, the Guys are clever and very smart, the extensive field trials of the machine have allowed the components and systems to be fully checked. The machine is Industrial specification, the components have to be leading suppliers to give the performace and reliability needed.

Why Fuelwood and Vepak?

I am proud Vepak chose to work with Fuelwood, both companies have a passion for solving problems, taking that idea and developing unique market leading products. And also a key feature of the quality nets that the Vepak system produces is the quality firewood (consistent length and size) needed. Fuelwood produces machines that work hand in hand with the Vepak system.


When can you see one?

Fuelwood have purchased the machine and it will be working at the APF show, the guys from Vepak are also at the show so please come on to the Fuelwood stand to see the machine.


For more details on the Vepak system click here...





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