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Brand New Firewood Processor from Japa

Wednesday February 10, 2016 at 10:56am

Last week we visited the Japa factory in Finland. Our main reason for the visit was to put the new Japa 435 to the test. We were also shown some very interesting machines going through the research and development department! More on those machines later in the year.

The Japa 435 was launched in early 2015, it is a unique firewood processor and solves three of the biggest problems firewood produces face with most machines.

Japa surveyed firewood producers all over Europe asking what they wanted from machinery and also their biggest issues with existing machines. Top of the list (by a long way)

  1. The need to split large diameter rings into the correct size logs without creating over-sized logs which need to be re-split.
  2. Removing all the debris from the logs, e.g.bark, sawdust and slithers.
  3. Keeping the working area clear of debris and sawdust.

Japa manufacture the 435 with two patented designs which solve these problems.  The perfect split system ensures logs are split to the correct size and no over-sized logs are produced. The perfect clean system ensures that all the debris is removed from the logs before they move away from the machine. All the debris is removed by a short elevator and all sawdust is extracted from the rear of the machine.


Perfect Clean

All debris is removed by a shaking grid and then elevator away from the machine. The sawdust is removed by an extractor fan.

 Perfect Split

By automatically repeating the splitting over the splitting knife, all logs are produced the same size without having to switch knives and adjust the height.

Short video below showing the splitting operation on some Beech hardwood

The testing of the machine on European hardwoods like Oak and Beech have been already done and customer machines have been working for nearly a year in France and Germany all processing only these hard woods.

We wanted to find out how the machine coped with the shorter logs UK customers require. We had feedback on the machines in Germany cutting at 25cm (10") but we wanted to run the machine in anger at 20cm (8"). The machine worked well, we were using the 8 piece splitting blade which produced small 5cm (2") squares, for the UK we think the 4 or 6 way knife will be more suitable.

For more information on the Japa 435 Firewood Processor please Click Here....


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