The NEW Fuelwood Transaw 350 XLS

Wednesday September 10, 2014 at 12:08am

The King is Dead … Long Live The King
The NEW Fuelwood Transaw 350XLS
Semi-Automatic Firewood Processor

Fuelwood are delighted to announce the New Transaw 350XLS, the direct and improved replacement for the outgoing Transaw350XL.

The Transaw has always been the undisputed King of semi-automatic firewood processors, packed with design innovation and superb build quality. It leaves most other semi-automatic firewood processors in its shadow. This latest model the Transaw 350XLS maintains these exceptionally high standards whilst also improving in numerous areas, in particular its high speed cutting system for small diameter timber to maximise cycle time.

The Transaw 350XLS has many standard features and benefits over its main rivals such as:

• Transaw 350XLS comes with oil cooler as standard
• The Elevator slews left and right
• Multiple splitting blade 6/4/2 or 8/4/2
• Unique, fully retractable knife at the push of a lever, for example when cutting rings for kindling
• No belts to be constantly tensioned or replaced
• Hydraulically braked saw blade for instant stopping
• Unique double laser eye for accurate cutting
• Cleverly designed transfer mechanism for reducing the twisting of rings between cutting and splitting operation.
• Splitting area able to take 16” (40cm) rings if required not restricted 15 ton force
• Wide in feed conveyor for large bent timer lengths
• Built and manufactured in the UK

The Transaw 350XLS is the perfect machine for operators wishing to move up from smaller processors to produce far higher levels of output with much less effort. If you are in the market for a semi-automatic firewood processor that really does the job well, and will keep doing the job well with minimum fuss for many years…look no further. The Transaw 350XLS really is the King of its domain.

Picture: The first Transaw 350XLS off our production line. Seen here with apprentice Dan Alexander who worked on the machine build.

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