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S/H HM6-300VM
S/H HM6-300VM
Self Powered Road Tow Mobile wood fuel chipper
Now £34,995 + VAT

Japa- 305 Off Road - Firewood Processor

Japa 305 Firewood Processor For effortless, Fast and Safe Processing of Firewood, Mobile and Tow options
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The range of JAPA 305 firewood processors is designed for those who require easy mobility and effortless operation from their machine. The 305 model comes with a hydraulically driven chainsaw, which operate reliably and silently. The saw chain only rotates when the log is being cut. The splitting of the log is by means of a hydraulic cylinder that is activated when the saw-handle is pressed down to its lower position.

The hydraulically driven, 2.3 meter long conveyor transfers the firewood further from the splitting knife. Irrespective of whether you choose a tractor-powered, electrically powered or combustion engine-powered JAPA 305 model as your firewood processor, your firewood-processing experience will always be smooth, efficient and safe.


The Japa 305 range is very mobile with Yard Tow, Off Road , and Road Tow options.

Technical Specifications:


"Off-Road" Spec. 305 TRH 305 E 305 BE

Volume of hydraulic oil (l) n.a. 20 20
Flow of hydraulic pump (bar.) n.a. 30 30
Saw Cutting

Hydraulic Chainsaw Standard Standard Standard
13" bar Standard Standard Standard
Chain 0.325" Standard Standard Standard
Max diameter of log (cm) 30 30 30
Max length of log (cm) 45 45 45
Sawchain Lubrication Capacity (l) 2 2 2
Log Splitting

Splitting force 5.6 ton 5.6 ton 5.6 ton
Automatic High-speed valve Standard Standard Standard
Splitting knife, 2/4 Standard Standard Standard
Splitting knife, 5 ways Option Option Option
Adjustment of the splitting knife Standard Standard Standard
Output Conveyor 

Length 2.3 m (fixed) 2.3 m 2.3 m 2.3 m
Width of the conveyor belt (mm) 200 200 200
Conveyor Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Height in transport position (mm) 2700 2700 2700
Width in transport position (mm) 2250 2250 2250
Depth (mm) 950 950 950
Weight (kg) 434 540 540
Power source

Tractor hydraulics Oil Flow 30 l.p.m n.a. n.a.
Electric motor, 4.0 kW 415V n.a. Standard n.a.
Vanguard Petrol Engine n.a. n.a. 14 hp

Off Road Tow Off Road Tow Off Road Tow
Rights for technical modifications reserved. Warranty 1 year.


Key Features:
The maximum diameter of a log to be split is 30 cm
The maximum splitting length is 45 cm
Electric motor 4 kW or Honda* combustion engine 13 hp
A 3,8 metre (folding) or 2,3 metre (fixed) hydraulic conveyor
Machine weight 434-540 kg
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