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BF600 2200 Mulching Head
BF600 2200 Mulching Head
Heavy Duty Tractor mounted Mulching Head
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Japa- 405 - Firewood Processor

Japa 405 - Smart Firewood Processor for Professionals
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Smart efficiency for professionals

Japa® 405 is a new-generation firewood processor for professional use. The operation of the Japa® 405 model is controlled by a smart system that assists the user. The machine is equipped with sensors that measure and control its operation in real time. The processor optimises its own performance, based on wood type, which makes Japa® 405 particularly well suited for all log sizes. In addition to this, the processor has a data connection, which allows connecting to the factory, for example, in the case of updates.

Japa® 405 splits all sizes of logs efficiently, as it contains two splitting methods as standard features: the PerfectSplit™ method for a grade splitting and the heavy-duty hydraulic knife. All the key functions of the processor can be performed by one hand with a joystick. The joystick controls feeding, sawing, splitting and the guide plate. The new logistics also enable semi-automatic operation. For example, the processor detects the right number ofsplits automatically when using the Perfect Split™ blade.

Perfect Split™ revolutionises splitting

Perfect Split™ is a patented splitting method developed by Japa’s innovative product development team. Thanks to the new splitting blade and method, the firewood consistently meets A grade size requirements, even with varying raw material sizes.The new splitting blade ensures that the Japa® 405 processor is always fast, efficient and easy to use, regardless of the hardness and diameter of the wood being processed. The size of the end product can be affected with different knife alternatives.

Perfect Clean™ for efficient dust and debris removal

The Japa® 405 model is equipped with the Perfect Clean™ cleaning system as a standard feature. The patented system clears processed firewood of dust and debris by means of vibrations. The Perfect Clean™ cleaning system is installed behind the splitting section, and a separate conveyor is used to move the debris away.

Technical Specifications:


405 TR 405 E 405 TRE

Volume of hydraulic oil (l) 45 45 45
Flow of hydraulic pump (bar.) 250 250 250
Saw Cutting

Hydraulic Chainsaw Standard Standard Standard
16" bar Standard Standard Standard
Chain 0.325" Standard Standard Standard
Max diameter of log (cm) 40 40 40
Max length of log (cm) 52 52 52
Sawchain Lubrication Capacity (l) 3 3 3
Log Splitting

Splitting force

12.5 ton

12.5 ton
12.5 ton
Automatic High-speed valve Standard Standard Standard
Perfect SplitTM
Standard 4,6 or 8 way
Standard 4,6 or 8 way
 Standard 4,6 or 8 way
Splitting knife, 2/4 Option Option Option
Splitting knife, 6 ways Standard Standard Standard
Splitting knife, 8 ways
Adjustment of the splitting knife Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Output Conveyor 

Length 4.2 m 4.2 m 4.2 m 4.2 m
Width of the conveyor belt (mm) 300 300 300
Slew of Conveyor Standard Standard Standard

Height in transport position (mm) 2700 2700 2700
Width in transport position (mm) 3480 3480 3480
Depth (mm) 1450 1450 1450
Weight (kg) 630 685 1415 1465 1515
Power source

Tractor PTO 400 r/min n.a. 400 r/min
Electric motor, 10 kW 415V n.a. Standard Standard
Rights for technical modifications reserved. Warranty 1 year.
Key Features:

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