Fuelwood- Kindlet Pro

Fully Automatic High production Kindling Wood Machine

The KINDLET PRO converts timber off-cuts and round logs into kindling.

The Big brother to the Kindlet has a larger timber capacity and higher output. Suited to the professional user, Kindling can be adjusted from 15cm—29cm lengths. The Unique X-Blade design ensures a consistent quality output. Section size of Kindling is adjusted simply from controls on front of machine.

KINDLET PRO is fully guarded with safety interlocks to gain easy access to the machine.

The KINDLET PRO uses modern hydraulics giving quiet and reliable operation.

Bagging options are from the standard bagging chute supplied with every machine for filling of standard nets, the ROTABAGGA for filling loose filled nets or bags, three bagging stations allowing a full bag to be unloaded, an empty bag to be positioned while the machine is filling the other bag. MANUAL BAGGA With its extended long chute provides space for fast and efficient packing of aligned kindling ideal for the high volume market.

Technical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions (excl bagging and feed chute):
Length 2715 mm (107”)
Width 1380 mm (54.3”)
Height 1405mm (55.5”)
Weight 800 Kg (1545 lbs)

Electrical - 415v 3 Phase 7.5 kW
Tractor PTO - 15 hp Min and 12 volt supply
External Hydraulics - Min Flow 24 lpm 180bar and 12 VDC supply

Oil Cooler Kit for PTO model only (Std on Electric Model)
Rottabagga Pro - Rotary bagging System 3 nets
Manual Bagga Pro - Long Chute Bagging
Kindling Length Spacer Kits - 15,20, 25, 29cm

Timber Input:
Off-cuts  -
Any up to 25 cm (10”) height
Round logs  -
25 cm (10”) maximum diameter
Length  -
15 cm to 29 cm (6” to 11.5”)
adjustable in four stage Kits

Timber Output:
Maximum 2.5 solid m3/hour (150 bags/hour)
approx 50 to 60 bags/solid m3
(bag size 45 cm x 60 cm)

Key Features:
• Powerful high performance hydraulics
• Processes up to 25cm diameter timber
• Fast - up to 1.2 second cycle time
• Can produce up to 150 nets/hr
• Adjustable lengths 15,20,25,29cm
• Control of section size whilst operating
• Processes Round or Off Cut wood
• Extended infeed conveyor/storage chute gives over 2.5 metres of timber to be processed.
• High performance Oil Cooler as std.
• Proven X-Blade design and optimised conveyor system ensure smooth work flow
• British Design - British Manufacture
• Bagging systems for aligned or loose fill nets
• Drive Options - Electric 3 phase - Tractor PTO - External hydraulics
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