AMR- HPF 28 ton Log Splitter

The Ultimate Professional Log Splitter

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Ref/S/No: 119

Year: 2023

Type: HPF 28 Horizontal - Tractor PTO drive

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Designed to deal with the hardest of timbers, fast and efficiently.

Easily transportable, the 28 ton range is deployed to create a true working area so that the operator can control his work area with ease.

Hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting knife into 2 or 4 pieces. The output support table is very large and strong to support timber for re-splittting.

The unique shape of the main beam allows timber to be easily pulled back to be re-split and also supports shorter rings with out them 'rolling off' to one side.

The powerful hydraulics have automatic 2 speed function and the hydraulic splitting cylinder is retractable for transport.

Technical Specifications:

HPF 28 HEL 28 HPEL 28
Splitting Power (tons) 28 28 28
Drive PTO Elec. 415 PTO/Elec.
Weight (kg) 1005 1069 1075
Opening (cm) 120 120 120
Cylinder travel (cm) 120 120 120
Splitting speed (cm/s) 24 22.7 24/22.7
Return speed (cm/s) 21.8 16.2 21.8/16.2
Pump output (L/min) 89 87.8 89/87.8
Tank Capacity (l) 85 85 85
Available Options

Transport axle Y Y Y
6 - way splitting knife Y Y Y
Rights for techincal modifications reserved. Warranty 1 year.
Key Features:

Fast - Powerful - Safe

Easily control the section size and quality of the split billets

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