Moheda- S/H Moheda M91 Trailer With K35 Crane

9 ton Timber Trailer With 6.2m Reach Cane

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Second Hand

Ref/S/No: 420

Year: 2019

Type: 9 ton Timber Trailer

Price: £16,500 + VAT


2019 Moheda M91 Trailer With K35 Crane

6.2m Reach

Light Weight Valve Controls

Support Legs

Hydraulic Steering Drawbar

Drum Brakes

Rear Lights

4 Bunks / 8 Stakes

Excellent condition

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Technical Specifications:
Trailer M91
Crane K35
Wheel dim 400/60x15.5
A (mm) 5400
B (mm) 3650
C (mm) 2030
D (mm) 1970
E (mm) 1910
F (mm) 510
G (mm) 500
H (mm) 2760
J (mm) 1210
K (mm) 1150


TRAILER M91 Cranes K35
Load area, m2 2.0 Reach, m 6.2 (telescopic)
Load capacity, kg 9000 Lifting torque, kNm 25
Weight, kg 1115 Lifting capacity max reach, kg 280
Central Beam, mm 160x160x8 Slew torque, kNm 8.5
Axles, mm 60x60 Slewing angle 360
Req. oil Flow, l/min 25-35
Frame Steering yes System pressure, bar 170
Hydraulic support Legs yes Weight without grab & rotator, kg 570
Stakes, (2 per bunk) 8 STANDARD EQUIPMENT
Wheel dim 400/60x15.5 Hydraulic valve 2-lever mech
Rotator 3 ton
Grab G-160L
Extra bunks with stakes yes OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT
Dividing stakes - Work lights crane arm yes
Winch, trailer mounted yes Winch, crane mounted yes
Remote control for winch yes Remote control yes
Brakes Disc Braked Link yes
Real lights (inbuilt in bar) yes VALVE ALTERNATIVE
LED rear light optional

Alt wheel dim 400/60x15.5 Traction  2-lever + elec on/off light weight
Stake extensions - PCL low-pressure servo yes
Hydraulic banks - EHC electric servo yes
Toolbox yes Radio Control crane yes