Mowi- 12 Ton - Forestry Trailer

Mowi 1250 - the choice of professionals

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Year: 2022

Type: with P50T 7.5m crane, mini joysticks, drum brakes - in stock


A new very powerful trailer design for professional use in heavy transport and handling in connection with thinning and final felling. Well suited also for managing large volumes of timber. Solves all common lifting and transportation needs on the farm and in other activities. Performance and functionality is in the highest class.

MOWI's articulation and engineered woods bogie allows the cart to a complete rig together with the superbly powerful rear end with a well protected rear lights embedded in a third bunk. Telescopic support legs as an option. Load capacity of 12 tons and loading area of 2.7 sq. m. MOWI 1250 can be equipped with parallel input crane MOWI 400 (range 6.2 m, 480 kg lift capacity at full height) or MOWI 4567 (range 6.7 m, 525 kg lift capacity at full height). Both models have unique MOWI-scale, easy to drive, high accessibility, stable and secure.


Technical Specifications:
Trailer 1250 1250 1250
Crane P400 P400 P4567
Wheel dim 15/70x18 500/50x17 500/45x22.5
A (mm) 5220-5885 5220-5885 5220-5885
B (mm) 3355-4020 3355-4020 3355-4020
C (mm) 2300 2300 2300
D (mm) 2350-2500 2340-2475 2350-2500
E (mm) 2200 2200 2200
F (mm) 660 650 675
G (mm) 500 500 500
H (mm) 3250 3240 3190
I (mm) 3250 3220 3370
J (mm) 1400 1400 1400
K (mm) 1285 1280 1285


TRAILER 1250 Cranes P400 P4567
Load area, m2 2.7 Reach, m 6.2 6.7
Load capacity, kg 12000 Lifting torque, kNm 37 46
Weight, kg 1850 Lifting capacity max reach, kg 480 525
Central Beam, mm 180x180x10 Slew torque, kNm 8.5 12.0
Axles, mm 80x80 Slewing angle 360 360
Req. oil Flow, l/min 25-30 35-40
Frame Steering yes System pressure, bar 170 170
Hydraulic support Legs optional Weight without grab & rotator, kg 740 900
Stakes, (2 per bunk) 6 STANDARD EQUIPMENT

Wheel dim 15/70x18 Hydraulic valve Multilever Multilever
Third bunk yes Rotator 3 ton 4 ton
Grab G-260L G-260LB
Extra bunks with stakes yes OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT

Dividing stakes yes Work lights crane arm yes yes
Winch, trailer mounted yes Winch, crane mounted yes yes
Remote control for winch yes Remote control yes yes
Brakes Drum/Disc Braked Link yes yes
Real lights (inbuilt in bar) standard VALVE ALTERNATIVE

LED rear light optional 2-lever mech yes yes
Alt wheel dim

500/45x22.5  500/50x17 

2-lever + elec on/off yes yes
Stake extensions yes PCL low-pressure servo yes yes
Hydraulic banks yes EHC electric servo yes yes
Toolbox yes Radio Control crane yes yes


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