Mowi- 9 Ton - Forestry Trailer

Mowi 850 - in the forest and on the farm

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Ref/S/No: 126

Year: 2022

Type: 850 + P25 Crane, Drum Brakes, 4 Pairs of bolsters, in stock


MOWI 850 is a 9-ton timber trailer equipped with MOWI's specially designed forest bogie and carriage control. Telescoping legs as standard. Great but still smooth in the woods with a width of about 2 meters (0.5 400/60x15 tires). The load area is despite the low load height throughout the 2.0 square meters. Is suitable for the transport and handling of pulpwood, firewood and timber. Can be used to resolve all common lifting and transportation needs on the farm.

MOWI 850 forestry trailer is equipped as standard with MOWI P25 - a newly developed crane model with all the unique, easy to drive high accessibility, stability and safety. Oil Flow is only 20-25 l / min. In addition, P25 improved movement patterns and better parking position. The range is 5.2 meters and lifting capacity of 400 kg at full length. Crane options Mowi P30 with range of 5.7 meters and lift 450 kg at full length.



Technical Specifications:
Trailer 850 850
Crane P25 P30
Wheel dim 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5
A (mm) 5400 5400
B (mm) 3650 3650
C (mm) 2030 2030
D (mm) 1970 1970
E (mm) 1910 1910
F (mm) 510 510
G (mm) 500 500
H (mm) 2910 2910
I (mm) 2940 2950
J (mm) 1270 1270
K (mm) 1150 1150



TRAILER 850 Cranes P25 P30
Load area, m2 2.0 Reach, m 5.2 5.7
Load capacity, kg 9000 Lifting torque, kNm 26 31
Weight, kg 1220 Lifting capacity max reach, kg 400 450
Central Beam, mm 160x160x8 Slew torque, kNm 8.5 8.5
Axles, mm 60x60 Slewing angle 360 360
Req. oil Flow, l/min 20-25 25-30
Frame Steering yes System pressure, bar 170 170
Hydraulic support Legs optional Weight without grab & rotator, kg 520 540
Stakes, (2 per bunk) 4 STANDARD EQUIPMENT

Wheel dim 400/60x15.5 Hydraulic valve Multilever Multilever
Third bunk optional Rotator 3 ton 3 ton
Grab G-160L G-260L
Extra bunks with stakes yes OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT

Dividing stakes - Work lights crane arm yes yes
Winch, trailer mounted yes Winch, crane mounted yes yes
Remote control for winch yes Remote control yes yes
Brakes Drum/Disc Braked Link yes yes
Real lights (inbuilt in bar) yes VALVE ALTERNATIVE

LED rear light optional 2-lever mech yes yes
Alt wheel dim 400/60x15.5 Traction  2-lever + elec on/off yes yes
Stake extensions - PCL low-pressure servo yes yes
Hydraulic banks - EHC electric servo yes yes
Toolbox yes Radio Control crane yes yes


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