Uniforest- Series GK Winch

Forestry Winches PROFI - SERIES GK

Forestry winches with a constant pulling force ensure that the pulling force is the same throughout the working area, the wire rope is thinner and consequently longer and the tractor can be of less power.

90 GK power is a professional forestry winch with a constant pulling force of 8,5 t. A thinner (lightweight) wire rope allows greater productivity and faster timber harvesting.

Forestry winch 90 GK power with constant pulling force 8.5t, the largest and most robust in its category. The winch is positioned closer to the tractor and the pulley is fixed lower, which improves and lowers the winch centre of gravity. Therefore, there is less chance for the tractor to be lifted. It has an extra large drum capacity, which allows more wound up wire rope. For easy work there are large storage places (PATENT) on the front of the winch, that the dirt from the wheels of the tractor does not get between the chain and other equipment. In order to facilitate the manipulation and stacking of logs, there is also a hydraulic hinged butt plate.

  • Adjustable brake release speed and brake force
  • AUTO STOP function (limit switch)Unwinding device with two pulleys
  • Electronically adjustable brake opening time
  • Remote control Terra FA5-A1Easy setting up
  • Maxi drum
  • Large storage spaces in front of winch
  • Plenty of storage area for additional equipment
  • Hydraulic hinged butt plate
  • Foldable window guard
Technical Specifications:

70GK 90GK power
Drive kN Worm gear Worm gear
Pulling Force kN 68 85
Brake force
kN 85 106
Wire rope medium speed
m/s 0.56 (540rpm) 0.56 (540rpm)
Drum capacity length /diameter m/mm 130/12 110/13
155/11 130/12
Recommended tractor power
kW/HP 74/100 88/120
Clutch plates
pcs 6 8
Pump type Gear Pump Gear Pump
PTO shaft revolutions (rpm) rpm 750 750
Oil pressure (bar) bar 160 160
Oil quantity (l) l 3.5 3.5
Standard butt plate length (mm) mm 1920 2200
Optional butt plate length (mm) mm 2100 /
1920mm hydraulic hinged butt plate
2100mm Hydraulic hinged butt plate
2400mm hydraulic hinged butt plate /
Depth of winch (mm) mm 970 970
Height of winch- excluding guard (mm) mm 1500 1500
Height of winch including guard (mm) mm 2300 2300
Weight without wire rope 1720mm (kg) kg

680(720 option)

Unwinding device
 Unwinding with 2 hydraulic motors /
Wire rope guide
Auto stop function
Smart 3in1
Adjustable braking force /
Adjustable breaking force speed /
Remote-control TERRA FUNK FA5-A1 /
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Key Features:


Active Force Control is a special pulling force measurement and regulation solution. The pulling force is measured directly on the wire rope and is electronically regulated. Thus, the pulling force does not depend on the wear of the clutch, temperature and humidity, the preload of the wire rope, and the amount of wound wire rope on the drum. Thus, the pulling force remains the same at all times, the pulling rope is thinner and consequently longer, and the tractor can be of lower power. A lighter wire rope helps to increase productivity and faster wood harvesting on the one hand and to reduce user fatigue on the other.



Adjustable braking force (progressive break system)Adjustable braking force allows the wire rope to be unwound without the unwinding device, regardless of the force on the pulling rope between the winch and the load.



To make the wire rope unwinding easier you can choose a winch with an integrated unwinding device. This type of winch also guarantees a constant tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and the drum, thus preventing damage to the drum or pulley and enabling a longer service life. AUTO STOP function(limit switch) automatically stops the function of winding the wire rope on the drum. This function prevents mechanical damages of the unwinding device, entanglement and wire rope damages.

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