Heizohack- HM10-500K

High Capacity - Crane fed - Wood Fuel Chipper
With the crane fed HEIZOHACK wood chippers all wood waste, such as slats, beams, logs, blocks or branches and trunks with a diameter up to a maximum of 500mm and parts of trees up to 800mm x 1 000mm (using HM 14-800 K) can be processed with relatively little power needed. This is achieved by the large flywheel mass in the ejector blower.

The HEIZOHACK- wood chippers are equipped with a low drag drum chip rotor.

Thereby flawless operation is also possible with low drive performance and the fuel consumption is reduced. The drive can take place via a PTO shaft.

A steel conveyor belt and a pressure roller with welded spikes ensures a powerful and reliable feed of the material. The feed is supported therefore by the front end in-feed roller at the end of the in-feed table and by the optionally available conveyor belt, which is integrated into the in feed table.

The size of the chipped wood can be influenced by the individually adjustable feed speed and by the easily exchangeable sieve. The ejection of end pieces is prevented by the sieve.

The counter-knife can be used bilaterally.

The quick exchangeable blades can be re-sharpened when fitted.

The supply of the hydraulic feed units is undertaken by the on-board hydraulics system.

Secondary consumers such as the ejector tower, in-feed table, crane (if fitted), etc. are supplied by the hydraulics system of the traction machine.

The electrical controls of the wood chipper has, besides an operator-friendly, load-dependent feed regulation, also two day counters and an overall operating hours counter.

The feed speed is adjustable the direction of all feed elements are reversible by themselves.

The drive of all functions is undertaken via the remote control cable, which must be fitted in the driver cabin.

Upon request radio controls can be fitted.

With the HM 14-800 KL, Heizomat offers a special designed powerful and professional wood chipper, set up on a 440HP Mercedes Benz Actros 3344 AK Euro 5 with 6x6 wheel drive. All functions are to be operated directly from the air-conditioned driver cabin.

In addition, the supplementary functions, such as in-feed table, ejector spout swivel and rotation and also the ejector flap can be controlled by remote control. This is among other things particularly helpful in the filling of containers by a second man.

The powerful wood feed is achieved by a pressure roller, a conveyor belt, a front end in-feed roller at the end of the in-feed table and additionally by a conveyor belt integrated into the in-feed table.

All feed devices are hydraulically driven.

The rotor drive is undertaken via a highly elastic V belt transmission unit, which is driven by the load-carrying gearbox-independent supplementary drive (NMV) with maximum motor torque of the Mercedes Actros.

The HEIZOMAT lorry chipper has an Epsilon Palfinger M70F101 set-up crane.
Technical Specifications:
Height of Feed: 800mm
Width of Feed:



Pressure roller with steel teeth (Ø800mm)

Steel conveyor with steel teeth 900mm long

In-feed table 1,500mm long

Feed Flap:

Hydraulically foldable

Front end roller at the in-feed table

Optional steel conveyor. 

Sieve: Standard Mesh 45/60mm with stop bars
Drum: Ø495mm with quick exchangeable blades
Flywheel: 1000kg

Hydraulically foldable, adjustable for height and rotatable (ejecting height approx. 3.35 up to 4.79m, depending on chassis and tyres.

Hydraulic ejector flap adjustment


Automatic stress feed control

Two day counters and one overall operating hours counter

Conveyor in-feed speed infinitely adjustable

Feed direction reversible

Remote control with 10m cable and control panel for all functions

Drive: PTO shaft and V-belt transmission
Drive rpm: Max 1000 rev/min
Drive Power: Max permissible 170kW/230PS
Weight: 6500kg

Chassis 40km/h, a trailing axle, spring loaded pneumatic (air) brakes, PTO shaft, supporting leg, drawbar and trailer coupling ring Ø40mm, mudguards and roadlights, without tyres with ABE

Permissable total weight 9,000kg

Height of Towing Port: 500mm

Chassis Weight 1,000kg

Tyres: 400/55 R22.5 up to 40km/h, off-road tyres, total width approx 2,6m.

Other Chassis and tyre options available


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