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Heizohack- HM14-860KL

Highest Capacity Lorry mounted Wood Fuel Chipper
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With the HM 14-860 KL, Heizomat offers a special designed powerful and professional wood chipper, set up on a 530 HP Mercedes Benz AROCS 3353 AK Euro 6 with 6x6 wheel drive. 

The Heizohack truck chippers can also be ordered with Right-hand drive, also option for chipper to be fed from left-hand side. This make the Heizohack chipper ideal for any clearance / chipping work on UK roads.

All functions are to be operated directly from the air-conditioned driver cabin.  

In addition, the supplementary functions, such as in-feed table, ejector spout swivel and rotation and also the ejector flap can be controlled by radio control. This is among other things particularly helpful in the filling of containers by a second man.

The powerful wood feed is achieved by a pressure roller, a conveyor belt, a front end in-feed roller at the end of the in-feed table and additionally by a conveyor belt integrated into the in-feed table. All feed devices are hydraulically driven.  

The rotor drive is undertaken via a highly elastic V belt transmission unit, which is driven by the load carrying gearbox-independent supplementary drive (NMV) with maximum motor torque of the Mercedes Benz AROCS.  

The HEIZOMAT lorry chipper has an Epsilon Palfinger M80F101 set-up crane.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Details of Truck Chipper Machine:

HM 14-860 KL 

Infeed height

800 mm

Trunk diameter

650 mm

In-feed width

1215 mm

Rotor shaft diameter

100 mm

Drum diameter

690 mm with quick exchangeable blades

Counter blade

multi piece hard metal plates


conveyor belt; length 900 mm

top roller with steel teeth

diameter 800 mm

front end roller at the infeed table

infeed table with conveyor belt, length 900mm

length oft the in-feed table 1500 mm


4 transversal auger

Rotor cover

for additional sieve


discharge chute hydraulically foldable, adjustable for height and rotatable

hydraulic discharge flaps adjustment

ejecting height maximum 5,55 m

wear plates at the discharge chute, discharge flaps and blower housing armoured


remote Control in the drivers cabin, with control panel for all functions for the wood chipping machine

automatic load-dependent infeed control with intergraded cycle mode

two day counters and one overall operating hours counter

infeed speeds infinitely variable

infeed direction reversible

Radio control T60-1
for raising/lowering discharge chute, discharge chute rotation right/left, raising/lowering discharge flaps, raising/lowering infeed table

Foot pedal pressure roller; for raising/lowering the pressure roller

Foot pedal of infeed movements backwards; for reversing the rotation movement of all feed devices

camera for reversing at the rear of the vehicle and camera on discharge chute; Monitor in the driver cabin; Brigade type


yellow green silk matt   RAL 1028

nova grey silk matt       MB 7350


with heavy duty V belt transmission unit
high speed direct drive via the lorry engine (NMV)


LED headlight 4 x on the driver's cabin, 1 x on the discharge chute

windshield wipers with cleaner at the operator place screen

electrical lockable, ventilated operator seat inside the cabin; no passenger seat any longer

automatic trailer coupling: Ringfeder; bolt diameter 50 mm

compressed air hose reels - fire extinguisher

4 hydraulic support legs

sieve holder for additional sieve


Technical Details of Crane Setup

Palfinger Epsilon M80F101

Lifting torque gross

114,0 kNm

Lifting torque net

75,0 kNm

Maximum reach

10,10 m

Lifting capacity at 10m

660 kg

Slew Torque

29,0 kNm

Slew Angle

385 deg


1760 kg


with swing brake


Halogen work lights x 4


Danfoss joystick control with intergrated chipper functions


Technical Details of Lorry

Mercedes-Benz AROCS 3351 AK 6x6

Engine Power

375 kW / 510 hp

Running RPM

1,300 - 1,600

Exhaust standard

Euro 6


2,00 m


3,90 m


2,55 m


7,80 m


3,95 m


Front Axle 385/65 R22.5

Rear Axle 315/80 R22.5


Green Silk matt RAL 1028

Grey silk matt MB7350



Key Features:

Powerful - High Torque Truck engine

Fast transit speed between work site

Spacious cabin

Excellent visability

Robust simple design

Huge Output

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