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Japa - S/H Japa 2 Chain Timber Deck

Second Hand

Type: 2m Chain Deck With 2m Extension

Category: Timber Decks and Racks,

Description: 2 chain timber deck with extension table

S/H Japa 2 Chain Timber Deck

Ref/S/No: 286

Year: 2012

Price: £4,250 + VAT

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Japa - S/H 100TR

Second Hand

Type: Circular Saw Firewood Processor

Category: Firewood Processors, Circular Saws,

Description: Circular Saw Firewood Processor

S/H 100TR

Ref/S/No: 433

Year: 2006

Price: £1,500 + VAT

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Other - Botex Tractor Forestry Guarding

Second Hand

Type: Valtra Guarding

Category: Timber Cranes, Trailers & Grabs,

Description: Forestry Guarding

Botex Tractor Forestry Guarding

Ref/S/No: 442

Year: 2015

Price: £6,000 + VAT

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Other - Bomford Turner Buccaneer Mulcher

Second Hand

Type: Bomford Buccaneer SDF225

Category: Forestry Mulchers,

Description: Bomford Buccaneer SDF225

Bomford Turner Buccaneer Mulcher

Ref/S/No: 257

Year: 2016

Price: £8,000 + VAT

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Moheda - S/H Moheda M91 Trailer With K35 Crane

Second Hand

Type: 9 ton Timber Trailer

Category: Moheda - Timber Trailers and Cranes,

Description: 9 ton Timber Trailer With 6.2m Reach Cane

S/H Moheda M91 Trailer With K35 Crane

Ref/S/No: 420

Year: 2019

Price: £16,500 + VAT

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AMR - Vertical 12-27 ton Splitters


Type: VPF17 17ton PTO Splitter

Category: Log Splitters,

Description: Vertical Log Splitters 12-16-20-25 ton Splitting Force

Vertical 12-27 ton Splitters

Ref/S/No: 122

Year: 2016

Was Price: £3,415 + VAT

Now Price: £2,395 + VAT

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